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Emmy-Lou Loves
Family Portrait
Cathedral Mountain Map
Cathedral Mountain Map


Private and Commercial 

Do you have a custom project in mind? We love the challenge of creating one-off pieces for customers.


While we primarily indulge in hand drawn ink and digital illustration, we're proficient in a range of unique techniques to meet your individual needs.


Private and commercial commissions include:

  • Photography collage

  • Family silhouette illustration

  • T-Shirt print design

  • Food packaging creative

  • Signature wrapping paper

  • Children’s book illustration

  • Line art portraits

  • Unique hand lettering

  • Wedding stationery design

  • Adventure map illustration

At Secret Weapon Creative, we also offer original fine art prints. Every piece is custom printed on fine art paper with the option to frame in plantation grown, sustainable timber mouldings. Please feel free to explore them here.


If you would like to bring your special project to life please email us at


“This painting is my absolutely favourite and the best gift I've gotten my partner (and I'm very competitive with gift getting). When we hiked in Alaska back country all we had was a topography map and 2 days to go where ever we pleased. We mapped the whole exhausting and inspiring 3 day hike on that map and then a year later I surprised him with this completely personalised interpretation of our original walk. I absolutely adore it, it hangs over our bed and to everyone else it may just look like a beautiful abstract but for us it perfectly captured the memory of a lifetime. Thank you so much!!!’” ~ Lisa Allen, Map Commission

'Emmylou Loves' - When Donna Delaney and I traveled to Melbourne last year we had the pleasure of meeting up with @emmylou_loves After discussing our creative concept for her portrait, Emmylou was quick to adjust her high neck dress, shuffle her schedule and the dodge cars coming in and out of the perfect alleyway to make it happen. Donna captured this engaging image allowing space for me to layer my artistic touches and project her ‘confidence is contagious’ vision.

'Family Portrait' - By providing a profile picture of a loved one you can have their unique silhouette illustrated and custom printed. (Available under 'Artwork’.)

'Talin' - Individual portraits of loved ones are always popular.

'The Retail Designers' - A custom print designed and framed for their clients Christmas gift.

'Alaska HIke' - As a Christmas gift for their partner, I was commissioned to draw a map of a their hike in Alaska. Using topography lines, river and road markers to illustrate Cathedral Mountain - the journey was mapped with dashes. All rest stops were marked with a cross. What an adventure.

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