Bump Baby and Co.







Logo Development and Packaging Design

Bump Baby and Co wanted to do something different. They wanted to take away the confusion associated with nutritional requirements during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.


They wanted to launch uncomplicated, practical products for use during pregnancy and postpartum. The brief was simple – a feminine logo with a modern luxe edge.


Secret Weapon Creative achieved this look by keeping the design minimalist, using soft pink hand lettering and illustrating the ‘o’ to represent a distinctive fertilised egg.


Baby Bump and Co loved the logo and I was then engaged to design the packaging for their Pregnancy Cookies and Breastfeeding Chocolate. The project was further extended to commission an essential online presence and printed promotional postcards.


"You are amazing... nailed it!!! Love your work!!! You are an absolute talent, a dream to work with.” ~ Melissa Robinson, Bump Baby and Co

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secretweapon :: a figurative phrase referring to a weapon or unexpected design of any kind that a person uses suddenly to surprise their opponent.