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Foot Locker.
Foot-Locker-Converse-Adidas-Typography c


Kicksmas Christmas Campaign

In a retail market rapidly moving towards digital window displays, it was enjoyable to design one of the last few remaining printed promotions.


For Foot Locker’s Christmas campaign, we illustrated a street art golden crown which was suspended in front of a bold #KingsOfKickmas graffitied poster.


This artwork was part of a complete suite including handwritten shoe tags referencing carols, street style posters, entrance towers, bench signage and shelf talkers.


We have also had the opportunity to work on other recreation brands such as Snap Fitness, 9 Round Fitness and AMF Bowling. We have designed their in-house manuals, infographics, promotional posters, press artwork and web banners.

'Footlocker Kicksmas' - poster concept design, 'All Year Faithful' - Converse lyric shoe tag lettering, '3D Sneaker Swing' - to house the daily hero trainer during the campaign, 'Flashing Stripes - Adidas lyric shoe tag lettering.

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