Foot Locker.
Foot-Locker-Converse-Adidas-Typography c


Kicksmas Christmas Campaign

In a retail market rapidly moving towards digital window displays, it was enjoyable to design one of the last few remaining printed promotions.


For Foot Locker’s Christmas campaign, I illustrated a street art golden crown which was suspended in front of a bold #KingsOfKickmas graffitied poster. This artwork was part of a complete suite including handwritten shoe tags referencing carols, street style posters, entrance towers, bench signage and shelf talkers.


I have also had the opportunity to work on other recreation brands such as Snap Fitness, 9 Round Fitness and AMF Bowling. I have designed their in-house manuals, infographics, promotional posters, press artwork and web banners.

'Footlocker Kicksmas' - poster concept design, 'All Year Faithful' - Converse lyric shoe tag lettering, '3D Sneaker Swing' - to house the daily hero trainer during the campaign, 'Flashing Stripes - Adidas lyric shoe tag lettering.