Brighton Period Homes

For a second year running I had the honour and privilege of having the kindest couple on THE BLOCK select two of my pieces to help complete their hallway.


The South Australian farmers Daniel and Jade , initially said “We’ve watched every episode, but we don’t know what to expect really, we don’t know who we’ll be up against, what the challenges will be… we can’t wait!”

With great skills obtained by farm life they nailed a beautiful home and maintained their integrity throughout the process.


For their Hell Week room reveal (with 'Blossom' and 'Bloom' on show) Darren Palmer was was full of praise. He was a fan of its simplicity, appealing to the Brighton buyer.

“Thank you beautiful Bree for being you and creating such stunning artwork! Bree's artwork hangs in the hallway of our Block home and as a special gift she created them for us too!”
~ Jade and Daniel, The Block Contestants