Custom Typography

"So, we reached out to local QLD artist Bree McDonald to collaborate on some epic new artwork & original typography to feature throughout the collection.


Sitting down to debrief, we knew instantly that she was the kind of girl that saw life through the same lens as us. Quirky, and whimsical, her work is bursting with a life and vibrancy that encapsulated the feelings we were hoping to capture.


Knowing we wanted tonal textural detail to be a key detail, we must have gone over a zillion different shades of silver, rose gold & blush before settling on the perfect pick for our original brushstroke packaging. That's right... even the artwork on the packaging was created by hand to ensure absolute perfection. We leave nothing to chance when it comes to our product development. It may seem like it's a simple brush stroke to the innocent eye, but before that comes a trillion versions and meetings and analysis about how thick each stoke should look on the corner of the box and if the paint splash is in just the right place..." ~ Christianna Heideman, Damselfly Collective

Collage and product image credited to Damselfly Collective. 

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secretweapon :: a figurative phrase referring to a weapon or unexpected design of any kind that a person uses suddenly to surprise their opponent.