Custom Illustration

Damselfly Collective are an Australian lifestyle brand, and home to the original quote candle. They create products that push boundaries and say everything you want to say but have never been quite game enough!


Secret Weapon Creative has worked on quite a few typography and illustrative candles in their range. One of my favourites is the Celestial range. This range included suite of a dozen exclusive candles taking inspiration from Picasso. Each came in a soft beige vessel, featuring the hand drawn elements printed in a delicate charcoal grey.


I have also worked on other creations in the retail space including Ecococoon (BPA free stainless steel bottles and cups). I designed their logo, the first wave of bottle designs and advertising collateral featured in Donna Hay and Real Living magazines. 

All product images credited to Damselfly Collective. 

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secretweapon :: a figurative phrase referring to a weapon or unexpected design of any kind that a person uses suddenly to surprise their opponent.